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Integrity One Payments 

Serving the Michigan Financial Community since 1998


Integrity One Payments is a credit card processing company. We are based in Michigan and work with Banks, Credit Unions and small businesses in and around the United States. We are committed to helping businesses with their credit card processing. In more than nine years of existence, we have helped thousands of people in and around Michigan and we look forward to meeting with you to find out how we can help today.

About Us

Mike Montefusco Integegrity One Credit Card Payments

Michael Montefusco

I am the founder of Integrity One Payments. For over thirty years I've worked in the payment industry helping small business owners find the best options when it comes to accepting payments from their customers. I founded this family run business because I believe each customer needs an advocate, someone who stands up for the customer. I enjoy the challenges of an ever-changing industry and in turn passing the information on to my customers to ensure they have what they need to succeed. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the best way for you to take cards today.

Matt  Montefusco Integegrity One Credit Card Payments

Matthew Montefusco

I am the sales rep for the southern and west side of the state of Michigan. I graduated from Eastern Michigan with a degree in business management. I accepted this position in 2018 working in the office while I was completing my degree and went out in the sales field at the beginning of 2019. Working in the office helped me realize the importance of customer service in the office and also in the field. I believe in the company's goal of serving small businesses and assisting this company and your company to grow. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Jason Montefusco Integegrity One Credit Card Payments

Jason Montefusco

I am the sales rep for the northern and eastern side of the state of Michigan. I took this position in 2018 to expand my entrepreneurial skills. I can assist customers by overcoming the challenges that occur when starting a new business. I'm looking forward to working with new businesses to make them run smoother and grow. I look forward to meeting you and seeing how we can help you achieve your goals.

Amy Montefusco Integegrity One Credit Card Payments

Amy Montefusco

I am the office administrator for Integrity One Payments. My previous background and education has prepared me for managing the office and assisting our customers in the most efficient way possible. I am proud to work with my family, all of whom have integrity, and focus on the customer support. We look forward to seeing our youngest join us one day if it's where she wants to be.


Q: What are the costs of having a credit card processing account?

A: There is no cost to sign up, and you can cancel at any time at no cost. We will provide a credit card machine or a mobile card reader for you to use at no cost. You will pay $15 per month, plus Transaction costs (usually 2%-3% depending on the cards you take and the manner in which you take them.)


Q: If I ever have a problem, who can I call?

A: In addition to our customer service and technical support numbers, every customer will get our personal phone numbers to call for troubleshooting or general questions.


Q: What are some potential pitfalls I should avoid?

A:    a) Leasing a credit card machine. This is almost never a good deal for the merchant

b) Signing a termed agreement. Month to month agreement is better for you. Termed agreements are better for the processor.

c) Tiered or bundled pricing. Interchange plus pricing will almost always provide you with the lowest transaction costs. Call us for more detail.

d) Set up fees, Closure fees, Annual fees, semiannual fees, monthly minimums, etc. You should be able to avoid all of these fees.


Q: Can Integrity One Payments help us with e-commerce?

A: Yes. In fact we will set you up with a quick link to a payment page at no extra charge.


Q: Can you help us with a point of Sale system?

A: Yes. We have several very comprehensive, low cost choices to fit your needs.


Q: Can you help us with mobile payments?

A: Yes. Every customer will have access to a free mobile app.








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